The Plan

The power matrix is ​​primarily a structure. But a very special one. A closed matrix of 2 with spillover. Are these foreign words for you? No problem. I am happy to explain it to you.
 In advance it should be mentioned: Registration and membership in the Powermatrix does not cost you anything. We also have no monthly fees, starter folder subscriptions or the like. You will not receive any unnecessary advertising and we will neither sell nor use your data for third parties.
 What is a structure? Structured sales are hierarchically structured direct sales - also known as multi-level marketing (MLM) or network marketing and not to be confused with the illegal snowball
 Why do we create the POWERMATRIX and what is the intention? Well, as the founders of POWERMATRIX, we have years of experience in the field of structural sales. During a creative conversation we thought about the subject of what came first in the world. The chicken or the egg. If we transfer this idea to structural sales, it would mean: First register with the network company XY and then build up a structure. We asked ourselves whether this could not work the other way around and what advantages it would bring.
 Why? We would like to explain that to you. Countless people register with various network companies every day. As a rule, money has to be paid first, for example for starter folders, seminars, any product, subscriptions or other services.
 People are now starting their work with great enthusiasm. Often the initial motivation wanes quickly and rapidly. The sober reality now comes just completely enthusiastic. You have to sell, convince other people of the products, the service and the business opportunity. Only now is it often noticed that this means real work and the first considerations follow whether the financial and time investment is worth it at all. In addition, there is usually the problem that you have taken out a monthly subscription and now have additional fixed costs every month, which are often not insignificant. Because of this, people often stop before they really start.
 If people had more money at their disposal, they could “survive” the often hard, cost-intensive initial development work and thus actually become successful in the long term.
 But how would it be if a large number of people with a pre-existing structure went to a network company? The advantages are obvious. You would start earning money immediately, so you would have your head free of financial burdens and, accordingly, the time to help your structure. Not because you are absolutely charitable or a good Samaritan, but to consolidate your own structure. Help the people in the structure and you help yourself.
 That and that is the basic idea of ​​the POWERMATRIX. We want to create a huge structure in advance so that one day we can join as many people as possible in the sales department of a network company in one fell swoop.
 Nobody from the POWERMATRIX is “forced” to do this, everything works and nothing has to.
 At this point, ask yourself the following question. If you had the chance to go to a sales department with a large affiliate structure, would you do that? Surely!
 Now you can see where the journey with the POWERMATRIX should go, we will create this structure in advance and you are cordially invited to take part.
 Why are we convinced that the POWERMATRIX has a real chance and why do we expect high growth in the long term? We would like to explain that too.
 Everything is free in the POWERMATRIX itself. All interested parties are informed centrally by us and everyone can virtually decide when they want to join our partner company. So we do the "explaining"
 In order to consolidate the whole thing, we have a 2-part matrix with spill over at the POWERMATRIX, just like at our partner company
 chosen. What does that mean? What does that mean?
 The 2 matrix means that a maximum of 2 people can stand directly below you. These form your level 1. Everyone can have a maximum of 2 people directly below them in this matrix. But if you know more people who would like to join the POWERMATRIX, you can still register them. These are then also below you, just no longer stop in your level 1 but in the next free gap in the depths to you. That is, the system sorts the structure under you as follows:

Ebene 1                      2

Ebene 2                      4

Ebene 3                      8

Ebene 4                      16

Ebene 5                      32

Ebene 6                      64

Ebene 7                      128

Ebene 8                      256

Ebene 9                      512

Ebene 10                    1024

Ebene 11                    2048

Ebene 12                    4096

Ebene 13                    8192

Ebene 14                    16384

Ebene 15                    32768

Ebene 16                    65536

Ebene 17                    131072

Ebene 18                    262144

Ebene 19                    524288

Ebene 20                    1048576

We ourselves know that such large numbers are very daunting but on the other hand are also very attractive. Is that even realistic?

Now answer the following questions yourself:

Can you manage to register yourself on this page? Can you explain the benefits of the POWERMATRIX to a few of your contacts? Do you dare to find at least 2 people who will join you and thus the POWERMATRIX? Surely!

If that works, the rest will come by itself. Everything that is big today was small at some point and at the beginning there was always an idea.

While we're talking about theory, imagine if you enroll your two new members within 48 hours and everyone else would do the same, then the thing would explode in 2 months. So much for the theory - smile. No, it will take a lot longer, but it doesn't matter, because we have time. The fact is, it will build up. With one faster, with the other slower.

Your huge advantage is that we have only just started and you can be part of it from the start. Maybe the first time for you that you are at the top in such a system?

The spill over will help you and with it you can also help your structure. Look, if you already have 2 under you, for example, and even if there were already some underneath, then the system would automatically look for the next gap to you from below and place your new ones there. Nice and clean 2 x 2 x 2 etc.

Let's summarize

1. Register

2. Wait for the confirmation email with the sponsor number

3. Tell two people whom you treat yourself to about the POWRMATRIX and get them excited about it

4. Help these 2 that they also enroll 2 each.

A simple task combined with a gigantic vision.

If you can then you can surely imagine that millions of others can do that too

I thought so too. And should I tell you something? It works

Our Vision

OK, with the POWERMATRIX we have created a huge, neatly ordered structure, but how does it go from here? Nobody paid for anything, nothing was sold, nobody was bothered with unnecessary advertising, so what was all this for?

Now it's getting really exciting. Rarely will you get a more honest offer. At the same time, we want to and will deal openly with all circumstances and projects right from the start.

We are driving the POWERMATRIX to 2.5 to 5 million people. Of course, we cannot yet estimate how long it will take. Of course, a lot of costs have arisen and will arise by then, but we have a good solution for that too.

How does it go from here? We reckon that we have a good six-figure adjusted structure and we will go together with this structure into one of the world's largest distributors. One unit - one structure, so that a huge number of people in our structure will receive really big commissions right from the start.

At the same time, our POWERMATRIX will continue to grow and we will continue to expand and build up the main structure piece by piece, neatly sorted according to assignments.

Now you know our plan. I would be happy if you join us on the path. Be honest to everyone with whom you speak or write, expect the same from us, fulfill step 1 and step 2. Build on if you like and let's go hand in hand on this unique path together.

What will com

- Products with a unique selling point (patented)
- 2X2 Matrix plan
- International business
- Professional backend
- Weekly billing - even up to 6 payments per month
- We'll position you
- We take over the complete administration

Our Partner Company

Is a company that has been very successful in the market for over 20 years. Has multiple patents and unique products which, when combined, deliver great results. We have joined such a company not only because of the products, but also because of the compensation plan, which is practically in symbiosis with the power matrix. So 2x2x2 etc. This company lives up to our philosophy 100%! So to lead the partners to financial independence as quickly as possible.



We are a team of networkers who have come together to help many people generate passive income



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